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Tansparent dome

Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Tansparent dome in China. The transparent dome house is a highly transparent living space specially designed for outdoor use. It is made of high-strength materials and has excellent wind and snow resistance and durability.Its unique dome design and transparent material allow residents to fully enjoy the outdoor scenery, especially at night, and the bright starry sky, providing customers with a unique and romantic accommodation experience.

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Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Tansparent dome in China.

High-strength materials:
The transparent dome house mainly uses environmentally friendly and high-strength materials, such as PC (polycarbonate) or PVC, etc., ensuring the stability and durability of the product.The dome design is not only beautiful, but also optimizes air flow, reduces the imbalance of hot and cold air, and provides a comfortable environment for the occupants.

High light transmittance:
Transparent materials allow natural light to fully enter, providing residents with a bright indoor environment while ensuring clear vision.Wind and snow resistance design: The transparent dome structure has good wind and snow resistance and can remain stable and safe in severe weather conditions.

Unique experience:
The products have undergone strict quality inspections, and the dome structure is strong and can withstand the effects of severe weather such as wind and snow.The material itself also has certain fireproof and waterproof properties to ensure the safety of the occupants.
Transparent dome rooms are suitable for various outdoor scenes, such as scenic B&Bs, camping sites, resorts, etc., providing customers with a novel and unique accommodation experience. They can also be used in outdoor dining and other places to increase the attractiveness and innovation of the place.
With its unique design and superior performance, the transparent dome house has brought new innovation and development momentum to the field of outdoor accommodation and catering, providing consumers with more diversified and personalized choices.
In daily use, transparent dome rooms require regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their good light transmittance and aesthetics.At the same time, care must be taken to avoid scratching the surface of the dome with sharp objects to avoid affecting its service life.
The transparent dome house brings a new experience to outdoor living with its unique design and excellent performance.Whether it is admiring the stars, feeling nature, or enjoying unique accommodation and dining experiences, it can meet the needs of consumers and become an ideal choice for outdoor living.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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