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Brand Story

The development of architectural space has evolved from cave dwellings, nest dwellings, wooden buildings, modern cement brick walls, to various industrial prefabricated houses. People have gained more and more rich experiences and the convenience of technology.

However, in the process of growth and spread of traditional buildings, it is full of alienation and destruction of nature. Is there a kind of architectural space that can be perfectly integrated into various environments, close to nature, and coexist harmoniously? Based on this problem, Lucidomes is the first in the world to launch the concept of 360° fully transparent starry-sky dome house. Taking outdoor cultural tourism accommodation as the market entry point, it provides a brand-new sojourn that is different from traditional styles such as PVC tents, wooden houses, and RVs. solution. “Live in the scenery and let nature be the guest bedroom”. 100% transparent design, 360° viewing experience without dead ends.

Users can feel the surrounding mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and vast stars without leaving home. As a leader in the outdoor transparent living industry, we rely on years of material research and design and processing advantages to continuously upgrade and optimize the living experience, aiming to provide an outdoor lifestyle that lives in harmony with nature and poetic living.

About US

Guangzhou Lishen Plastic Products Co., Ltd., is a manufacturing and industrial company from Guangzhou city, China, specializing in the design, production and sales of PC Dome, Tent Dome, Glamping Dome. We currently has a team of more than 60 people, including landscape planning, industrial design, structural design, mold design and other design and development personnel.

The factory's workshop area is about 10,000 square meters, with various advanced integrated thermoforming equipment, CNC five-axis engraving machine, Constant temperature and humidity equipment, aluminum bending and finishing and other equipment. After years of precipitation and development, the company has become a comprehensive service provider of transparent PC domes products in the global market!

We are the only factory that can produce the D9.0M and D10M Clear PC Domes in China!

Product Introduction

Lucidomes series is a brand-new characteristic dome house product that we have created. The product structure does not contain a metal supporting frame and has a 360-degree transparent view.

The main material of the product adopts imported polycarbonate (basic material of bullet-proof glass and explosion-proof shield) and aviation aluminum profile, which has high safety and strong protection. It can safely avoid snakes, insects, ants, and large beasts in the wild.

At the same time, the product adopts modular assembly design, the installation and disassembly process is simple and fast, and the on-site assembly cost is low.

Lucidomes series products have a variety of specifications such as diameters of 2.1M, 3.3M, 4M, 5M, 9M, and products of different specifications can be spliced and combined with each other. The product is highly flexible and can meet the application needs of multiple scenarios.

Our Advantages

  • Experience in Over 1000 Projects
  • More Than 10 Design Teams
  • 15 Years of Manufacturing & Processing Experience!
  • International Team. Quality Service to the World!

We are the first manufacturer in China to develop Clear PC Domes. We have served more than 1,000 customers worldwide, and have rich experience in the implementation of large projects. The projects have been implemented in China: 200pcs of Five Stars Dome House in Alxa , 72 sets of 5.0+2.1M PC Domes in Chaka Salt Lake, 24 sets of 5.3+2.1M PC Domes in Aba Prefecture, 60pcs of 3.0M PC Domes in Wugong Mountain, etc.

With a mature technical appearance and landscape planning and design team, we can provide customers with overall planning, market positioning and other services in the early stage of the project. In the middle of the project, we can provide customers with indoor decoration supporting reference to assist customers in the implementation of the overall project. Customized product design services can be also provided.

We have 15 years of experience in processing and manufacturing, and are one of the first batch of manufacturers engaged in PC blister thermoforming in the industry. We have the largest fully automatic blister equipment in China, and many years of processing and manufacturing experience to ensure the high quality of the finished products of PC Domes

We have an international service team, and the core personnels have 10 years of foreign trade experience. The products have been exported to the United States, Canada, France, Norway, Australia, Turkey, Japan and other countries, and got highly praise among the customers!

Product Advantages

  • Detachable, Movable, High Flexibility!

    The Clear PC Dome belongs to a transparent movable tent, which does not occupy construction land and does not require construction indicators. The installation is easy and fast with the excellent structure design. It can be built in some alpine areas where there cranes can not reach!

  • Selected Materials, Exquisite Workmanship

    The transparent part is made of polycarbonate material imported from Bayer, Germany, with double-sided UV coating, strong weather resistance and long service life. The aluminum part is made of aviation aluminum, integrated drawing and bending process. The doors and windows are double- sealed, suitable for outdoor applications. It's wind/water/sand/mosquito-proof!

  • Perfect Detail Design

    Perfect bathroom solution with an integrated SMC bathroom floor. There is no need to lay floor tiles, overall waterproof and easy construction. The outer RGB LED Strip Light adopts aluminum backplane with the overall snap splicing method, it's easy to install and maintain. The aluminum alloy base comes with special weak current Wire trough, hidden wires, simple and beautiful.

  • Multiple Thermal Insulation Solutions

    It can be upgraded with a infrared resistance PC material, the temperature difference is 5°C lower than that of ordinary imported PC material. The whole dome is equipped with an airin and out-air exchange system to actively circulate the indoor air, and the new patented sunshade canopy is also optional

Design Proposal

We have a professional design team, which can carry out corresponding scheme design according to the size of the camping or glamping site and project requirements provided by you.

At the same time, according to the actual environment, the design team can also provide exquisite rendering photos so that you can understand the actual effect of the project after completion.

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