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Guangzhou Lishen Plastic Products Co., Ltd., the world's leading comprehensive manufacturer, service provider and brand operator of PC Dome, Tent Dome, Glamping Dome products, focuses on industry.
In the year, from the basic application of polycarbonate (PC) to material upgrading, product molding innovation, innovating the star room category market to leading the industry, leading
Industry innovation, two generations of people have persisted for 17 years. In the past 17 years, Lishen people have been carrying out the mission of innovation in the starry sky room market and forging ahead.
Lishen Industrial adheres to the business philosophy of "technology leads innovation" and in the post-epidemic era, based on the country's creation of all-region tourism, grasps the rural areas
Revitalize the new development opportunities, continue to lead the industry with science and technology, adhere to technological innovation and industrial innovation, and systematically integrate the industry into customer experience
Systematic holographic experience, enriching accommodation, dining, travel, leisure, functional oxygen bar, conference meditation, birthday banquet KTV, family swimming
Application scenarios such as swimming pools and villa leisure bars.
Yingying shimmer, industry serves the country, after five years of precipitation, in 2022, the company has improved the product design, mold manufacturing, aluminum
Based on the design of doors, windows and aluminum structures, the innovative development of 320 fresh air systems, and the development of Lishen smart door lock terminals, we will conduct in-depth research on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.
Integrate and extend the company's business model, break through the traditional manufacturing business model, integrate across borders, and build a new ecological model.
Lishen Industrial lets technology change life one by one, and Lishen people rely on technology to create the future!
Lishen Industrial officially applied for the starry sky room brand trademark in 2020. Look for this anti-counterfeiting mark. 30 starry sky room patents lead the industry growth!

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