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Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Star Dome in China. A star dome is a translucent or fully transparent living space designed specifically for outdoor use, also known as an astronomy tent or starry sky tent.Star dome houses are usually made of high-strength PVC or polycarbonate (PC) materials to ensure the firmness and durability of the structure.The PC material has high light transmittance, impact resistance and weather resistance, and there is an anti-UV coating on the surface to effectively protect the home furnishings in the room.

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Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Star Dome in China.
Product details may change due to factors such as market conditions and product updates.Before purchasing, please be sure to confirm the product's specific specifications, materials, price, after-sales service and other details with the seller to ensure your own rights and interests.In addition, please read the product instructions carefully before use to ensure that you install and use it in the correct way.
The star dome house adopts a modular rapid assembly design, which has high construction and installation efficiency. A house can usually be quickly assembled within 2 hours.
Compared with traditional houses, star dome houses have significantly improved thermal insulation, heat insulation, windproof and earthquake resistance properties.The unique door and window design allows for any combination of modules to create a variety of door and window styles, such as extended doors and windows, curved doors and windows, etc.
Star Dome prices will vary due to different brands, materials, sizes and configurations.Generally speaking, based on current market information, our prices are definitely worth the money.When purchasing, please contact our manufacturer directly or inquire and purchase through the e-commerce platform to ensure the most accurate price information and after-sales service.
Star dome houses are mainly suitable for outdoor camping, scenic B&Bs, hotels and other activity spaces.The transparent design of the top and part of the wall allows guests to enjoy the starry sky and natural landscape while lying indoors, providing a unique accommodation experience.
In short, our star dome are great value for money. The transparent parts of the dome house are usually made of materials with anti-UV function, which can effectively protect the occupants from UV damage.At the same time, the dome house also has good thermal insulation performance, reducing the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and providing a comfortable living environment.
The doors and windows of the star dome are designed with security features and are equipped with anti-theft locks to ensure the safety of the occupants.The materials of doors and windows have also been specially treated to be anti-smashing and anti-prying, improving overall safety.

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