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  • Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Camping Dome in China. The camping dome product is a tent specially designed for camping activities. It is loved by camping enthusiasts for its unique dome structure and excellent performance.Camping dome products adopt a dome structure, which has excellent stability and wind resistance.It provides campers with a safe and stable accommodation in all weather conditions.

  • Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Bubble Dome in China. The bubble dome product is a unique and creative architectural structure that has attracted attention in the market for its unique design and diverse functions.The bubble dome stands out with its rounded, transparent appearance, giving it a light, dreamy feel.This design is not only beautiful, but also can be well integrated into various environments, whether it is urban or rural, it can become a beautiful landscape.

  • Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Stargazing Dome in China. The stargazing dome product is a facility designed specifically for astronomical observation, and its design is inspired by traditional astronomical observatories.The biggest feature of the stargazing dome is the transparent or translucent skylight installed on the top.This design allows residents or observers to enjoy the bright night sky directly from their bed or observation position without going outside.

  • Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Geodesic dome in China. The Geodesic dome is a dome structure designed based on geodesic principles. Its unique design and superior performance make it widely used in many fields.As an innovative building solution, geodesic domes not only have excellent load-bearing capacity and stability, but also have multiple advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving and aesthetics.

  • Lucidomes is a manufacturer and supplier of Glass Dome in China. A glass dome is a dome structure constructed of transparent or translucent glass materials. It has a unique design and beautiful appearance and is widely used in various construction projects.The glass dome not only provides ample natural light indoors and creates a comfortable and pleasant environment, but also enhances the artistic and modern feel of the building.

  • Lishen is a manufacturer and supplier of Resort Dome in China. Resort Dome is a special tourism product integrating leisure, entertainment and vacation.It adopts a dome design and perfectly integrates modern architectural art with the natural environment, providing tourists with a comfortable and peaceful holiday environment.The Resort Dome has become a popular choice in the tourism market with its unique shape, rich facilities and thoughtful services.

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