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How to Install a Tent Dome?


Tent dome is very popular among people because it occupies a small area after shrinking and is extremely convenient for storage and transportation. In practical applications, its interior space is spacious, which is both practical and beautiful. The following is the installation process of the tent dome, explained in detail for you:

1.Preliminary preparation: First, you need to select a suitable tent dome installation site and check whether all accessories are complete. To facilitate installation, it is recommended that you arrange the accessories in order by serial number. At the same time, prepare necessary tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and hardware tool boxes, and ensure that there are enough installation personnel and refer to the installation guide.

2.Fixed base and construction frame: roughly determine the position according to the diameter of the tent dome, and determine the direction of the tent opening. Then, lay the tent base material flat and secure the screws. Next, start building the first layer of pipes, making sure they are securely connected together.

3.Installation layer by layer: According to the number of the pipes, continue to install the second layer, third layer, etc. until the entire frame is completed. For tent dome with larger diameter, you may need to use scaffolding or a crane to assist in installation to ensure that each layer of pipes can be accurately installed in place.

4. Cover with tarpaulin: When the frame of the tent dome is completed, you can start covering it with tarpaulin. Make sure the opening of the tarp is aligned with the doorway of the frame, then gently pull the tarp so that it completely covers the frame. With this, your tent dome is now installed.

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